2016 conference resources


ANROWS held its inaugural conference on 23-25 February 2016. Researchers presented key findings to lead into facilitated discussions on how findings are currently being used, and how they can inform future work. Policy-makers, practitioners and researchers will be encouraged to share experiences, ideas and advice on how research can drive policy development, service responses and practice.

Video, audio and slide presentations from the conference are available below. Please note: content will be updated over the coming weeks. If the session you're interested in is not currently available, please check back soon!

Time for renewed national commitment to action

Emeritus Professor Anne R. Edwards, ANROWS Chair

Download Time for renewed national commitment to action - Emeritus Professor Anne R Edwards.pdf (2.59 MB)

Knowledge translation and exchange: What is it and how do we do it?

Heather Nancarrow, ANROWS CEO

Download ANROWS's approach to knowledge translation and exchange - Heather Nancarrow February 2016.pdf (2.26 MB)

Research to Policy Panel

The Personal Safety Survey: Prevalence of violence against women in various sub-populations

Download Peta Cox slides.pdf (787.24 KB)

The PATRICIA Project: PAThways and Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency working

Seeking help for domestic violence: Exploring rural women's coping experiences

Download Sarah Wendt slides.pdf (1.95 MB)

The ASPIRE Project: Prevalence, incidence & dynamics of violence against immigrant and refugee women

State of knowledge, practice and responses to violence against women in Australian Indigenous communities

Download Anna Olsen Ray Lovett slides.pdf (1.39 MB)

Innovative models in addressing violence against Indigenous women

Download Harry Blagg Emma Williams slides.pdf (1.04 MB)

Freedom from violence: The childs rights issue of our time

Download Megan Mitchell slides.pdf (1.01 MB)

Advocacy for safety and empowerment

Women's Input to a Trauma-informed systems model of care in Health settings: The WITH study

Download Kelsey Hegarty slides.pdf (533.14 KB)

Changing attitudes is not enough: The role of men and boys in the prevention of violence against women and children

Download Michael Salter slides.pdf (1.04 MB)

Research on perpetrator interventions

Where to now? Future directions: Influencing the Third Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children