National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS)

ANROWS is pleased to announce that we have been funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services to undertake the 2017 National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS) Project. The project was formerly managed by VicHealth, who are currently in the Integration phase of their work in preventing violence against women. We have been working closely with VicHealth through the transition process and are grateful for their leadership in the past two national waves of the NCAS; a legacy ANROWS are honoured to build upon.

The NCAS is a national survey which collects vital information about Australians’ knowledge of, and attitudes and responses towards, violence against women, and their attitudes towards gender equality. The NCAS is one of the key monitoring mechanisms for the National Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women and Their Children 2010-22

The NCAS has a particular focus on the primary prevention of violence against women. It enables knowledge, attitudes and responses to be measured and monitored and provides information to guide action to reduce violence against women. As well as conducting high quality research, the project will communicate findings in an accessible way to practitioners and the community.  In this way the NCAS Project can help shape policy development, project and program planning, practice and further research.

The project will be implemented by a team of researchers including Professor Jennifer Morgan and Dr Kristin Diemer (the University of Melbourne), Professor Julie Stubbs (University of New South Wales) and Dr Anastasia Powell (RMIT University), along with research and project staff from the Social Research Centre and ANROWS.  A range of other researchers, stakeholders and practitioners will also be involved.  They will contribute specialist expertise, especially in regard to particular groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, young people and people with disabilities.

Over the coming months, ANROWS will be working to get the survey ready for implementation in 2017, with findings to be released in 2018.

Key contact: Violeta Politoff, Senior Research Officer, ANROWS. Tel: +61 2 8374 4000