Action Research Support Resources

ANROWS's Resources Database contains a comprehensive collection of sector specific resources.

This page contains action research related resources that would be helpful to researchers, community workers and others working on action research projects.

Action Research Methods & Tools

Action Research Primer - A how-to guide to planning and implementing an action research project.

Action research project story template - template and explanatory webinar discussing the use of narratives and storying to report and share findings of action research.

ANROWS webinar: Action research tips and technical tricks

This webinar is led by Dr Peta Cox, Senior Research Officer with ANROWS. She provides advice about how practitioners working outside academia might undertake research. Topics discussed include: 1) What is a literature review? 2) Academic literature searching outside the academy. 3) Finding full text for free. 4) Writing carefully. 5) Cautious data analysis.

Using measurement for making meaning with action research

This webinar presents an opportunity for projects to ask questions and discuss issues relating to measurement of outcomes- particularly in relation to quantitative data. The webinar is presented by ANROWS staff members, Dr Peta Cox, Senior Research Officer (Research Program) and Violeta Politoff, Senior Research Officer (National Community Attitudes Survey).

Links to advice on research methods, interviewing techniques, surveys and other websites.

 Action research methods & tools websites (518.05 KB)

Evaluating primary prevention projects

A guide to planning, conducting and sharing the results of project evaluations

 Evaluating Victorian projects for the primary prevention of violence against women : a concise guide (2.3 MB)

Data analysis, qualitative inquiry & collective impact

Links to advice on data analysis, qualitative inquiry and collective impact.

Download Web links on analysis.pdf (521.6 KB)

Ethical Research

 National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated May 2015)

Developed jointly by National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Research Council Australian Vice -Chancellors’ Committee

 Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies 2012

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

 Keeping research on track: A guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about health research ethics 

Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council

Support services 

Information and links to support services for women and their children experiencing violence, available in all jurisdictions.

 Support services on violence against women and their children (1.11 MB)