Research Program 2014-16

The ANROWS Research Program 2014-16 (the Research Program) will produce research under the National Research Agenda to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children to support the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022

This Research Program comprises projects undertaken in the 2014-16 financial years within five Strategic Research Themes (SRT):

  1. Experience and impacts.
  2. Gender inequality and primary prevention.
  3. Service responses and interventions.
  4. Systems.
  5. Research translation and evaluation.

The ANROWS Research Program 2014-16, which was launched on 31 October 2014, consists of 20 projects across all five strategic research themes. These projects have a combined total value of approximately $3.5 million. They have an ambitious reach with research sites in every state and territory and a spread of projects focusing on different types of violence against women as well as priority population groups identified in the National Research Agenda.

Download ANROWS Research Program 2014-16.pdf (5.71 MB)